Build Backlinks Quickly, Easily and For Free

One of the most boring, tedious, but necessary jobs to do when trying to get your sites to rank high in the search engines is to build backlinks. In the SEO world everyone knows you must have links pointing back to your site from other sites if you want to get anywhere in the search engines.

There are actually several methods of acquiring those much-needed backlinks. The one that the search engines really prefer is to let people who like your content link to it of their own free will. The problem with that is it can take a really long time for that to happen. 구글광고대행

One of the ways people find your content is through the search engines and one of the ways to get your content on a page in the search engines where people will actually see it is with backlinks. I think you can see where I’m going here.

Another way to build backlinks is by writing articles and putting links to your site in them and then submitting them to article directories. This however is a long boring task unless you just absolutely love writing. You will have to write quite a few articles if you want to get good rankings and isn’t that why you’re doing this?

You could pay people to do your backlinking for you, but there are a few problems that come with that also. Finding the right people that you can trust to do a good job is one and the biggest one is that it can get pretty expensive.

Other forms of building backlinks are blog commenting, form signatures and profiles, social bookmarking, blah, blah, blah. All of these have their drawbacks as well as being boring.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some fast and easy ways to build backlinks that are not only free, but automatic as well.

Using RSS aggregators is an easy way to get automatic backlinks. By submitting the RSS feed of your site to these RSS feed sites, you automatically get a backlink whenever you post content to your site.

There are also sites that you can join that will post a link to your content to a certain number of sites for free. All you have to do is put in some information about your content, usually a title, some keywords, a description and the URL. Then all you do is push a button and the site does the posting.

There are free blogging platforms out there that will allow you to add an RSS feed from another site to their platform so that when you post content on your other site, a snippet of that content will show on that blogging platform with a link back to the original content.

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